Fertility Hope Crystal Bracelet


These crystals have been lovingly and thoughtfully chosen with the fertility journey in mind.  We hope these stones help guide you and heal you on your path to conceiving and carrying a baby to term.

Rose Quartz –  A gentle pink in colour, this crystal emits a calming energy capable of transforming negative states and fostering self love. It is known to bring calmness, clarity and healing to emotions.  Rose Quartz is known as a fertility stone, as it balances the yin and yang of the body and strengthens the heart and kidney energies.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidneys energetically govern fertility and pregnancy.

Basalt –  This black porous stone is solidified molten lava from volcanic rock.  It is believed to be a powerful stone to help you draw courage and strength from the earth’s energies to aid you through difficult times.  Basalt is known as a powerful stone for increasing one’s fertility.  When Basalt is in soils, vegetation is lush and the fertility of livestock is higher.

Moonstone – With its moon-like milky sheen, Moonstone has for centuries been considered the stone of the moon.  This stone of reflection also holds the quality of uplifting our hopes and wishes.  It has been known for centuries in China as a lucky stone, that also balances yin and yang energies.  Thus, it is a fundamental crystal for enhancing one’s fertility.  

Clear Quartz – Clear Quartz has the capability of amplifying the properties of crystals around it.  It is also a powerful stone by itself, known for its abilities to increase, harmonise and align one’s energy fields.

 All the crystals on our Fertility Hope bracelets have been charged under a full moon and filled with our wishes that you will have a little soul at the end of this journey that calls you Mumma!   Please continue to recharge them monthly under a full moon.

Cowrie Shell – Being once the home of a living creature the cowrie shell is said to promote life. Thus is an ancient symbol for creation and birth.  In many traditional cultures, cowrie shells were known to enhance fertility, treat disorders of the reproductive system, and manifest hopes and wishes.  The cowrie shell is an iconic traditional fertility symbol in Africa, with rows of cowrie shells worn across the hips. In ancient Pompei, women wore cowrie shell necklaces to enhance their fertility. In traditional Japan, cowrie shells were held in one’s hand during childbirth.

Gold plated coin – We have added our own ‘gold coin’ as a lucky charm to bring you good fortune on your fertility journey.  Held in this coin are our hopes and wishes that you will have a baby of your own to hold in your arms and fill with your love.

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