Fertility Hope Box

The perfect gift when words or even flowers seem inadequate.

It is a heartfelt gift full of your wishes and hopes for your friend, family member or simply for yourself.

Available to order now

Our premium packaged Fertility Hope Box is a heartfelt gift to receive, when hoping to become a mother.

Each item has been lovingly handcrafted by two friends, that know how delicate it can be to console a friend who is struggling to conceive or hold a pregnancy. Our gift box It is a true gift of love and understanding.

The complete Fertility Hope Box contains 5 elements designed to calm, console and uplift women on the fertility journey. Each item has been thoughtfully included to keep Hopes Held High on what can be a very difficult time in one’s life.

Gift cards available with orders.  

Designed and handcrafted in Australia with sustainability in mind.  Candles and oils refills available in Melbourne CBD.  Contact us directly for further information.